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Prescriptions Over the Phone

ADHD: If you have had a visit within the last 6 months, you may call in and have a refill prescription written. We have a high volume of these requests and processing may take up to 48 hours.

Antibiotics: We won’t prescribe antibiotics without a child physically being seen by a provider. One exception would be for strep throat. We require 2 confirmed cases in a household, at least one of them in our office. We may then prescribe over the phone for other symptomatic siblings. We can usually get these prescriptions to a pharmacy same day.

Bacterial Conjunctivitis (Eye Infection): Antibiotics may be prescribed over the phone for bacterial conjunctivitis. A nurse must confirm that it is bacterial and not viral. We can usually get the prescription to a pharmacy same day.

Other Refills: If the patient has been seen within a reasonable time period, we will refill asthma, allergy, and other medications. Provider approval is required and they may mandate that your child be seen first.

Controlled Substances: We generally will not prescribe controlled substances over the phone. This includes cough and pain medication.