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Divorce, Custody, and Foster Care

  • Both biological parents are responsible for paying any balances due at Alpine Pediatrics.
  • We will bill the parent who has brought the child in and/or signed the patient contract.
    • This may be changed upon written permission from a parent.
  • Both biological parents may have access to the child’s medical records unless we have a court order indicating otherwise.
  • Custody simply tells us which parent has physical custody of the child and does not stipulate who has access to medical records.
  • If you are bringing in a foster child, you must bring in their form TR01 (Shelter/Foster placement verification and medical authorization letter). We will no longer allow foster children to be seen without this form. The children must be accompanied by one of the Foster Parents or their case worker. We cannot see foster children when brought in by a tracker or another unauthorized person. We will scan the form TR01 and attach it to the patient’s medical record.